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Leads & Assignment Sales

Our lead program facilitates the connection between agents and prospective new home buyers, while our assignment listing services serve as a valuable means to connect your client with lucrative sales opportunities.


  • You decide what area(s) you wish to receive leads from.

  • Leads encompass user-submitted responses to qualifying inquiries, which aid in the assessment of needs and potential for purchase.

  • A one-time fee is collected at the time the lead is transferred.


  • Each lead is assigned to one agent in a specific city. If multiple agents are available, they each receive one lead before the cycle resets.

  • Leads are delivered instantly via email with user completed contact info and inquiry details.

  • Each lead includes user completed answers to required qualifying questions.


  • Before an assignment goes live on the site, an initial payment is required. Assignments expire and are automatically removed from the site after 60 days. Agents can update published assignments at their discretion.

  • Assignments are highlighted on the development’s listing page.

  • Minimal preparation effort necessary. Simply furnish pricing and unit-specific particulars. Development-related details are pre-populated from the development.

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